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#Chats with Purpose

As the world turned on its axis to find its new footing in the Covid-19 pandemic, we gathered public intellectuals, academicians, business professionals, and entrepreneurs from across the world to share their experiences and learnings for the new world of work. Some of the guests we invited included Zaimah Khan, author of ‘Future Minded’ , Tina & William Walzack; Partners @ Hiilite, Enis Erkel; Executive Director & Senior Board Member and Tiaan Vermeulen, Product Manager at Neuro-Link.

Virtual knowledge sharing has revolutionized global perspectives, breaking down geographical barriers and facilitating the exchange of ideas on an unprecedented scale. Through online platforms, individuals worldwide can collaborate, learn, and innovate, fostering cross-cultural understanding and accelerating progress in diverse fields. This digital transformation has ushered in a new era of interconnectedness and collective learning.

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